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YES Environment Technologies Inc

Distributor of YES Environment Technologies Products,.

CETCI (Critical Environment Technologies Canada Inc) is known as an industry leader and innovator for the indoor air quality (IAQ) market. YES IAQ monitors are a well established and accepted brand worldwide. It is synonymous with quality products, competitive pricing, and excellent service.

YESAIR Seven Channel IAQ Monitoring

Yesair Seven ChannelYESAIR offers more features, flexibility and functionality than any other IAQ instrument on the market today with multi-channel operation, more than 30 different plug and play sensors to select from, including a particulate sensor, huge capacity data logging to SD flash card and much more.

Featuring an eight channel sensor capacity including RH and temperature, YESAIR can handle up to five additional internal plug & play sensors consisting of a maximum of three electrochemical toxic gas or oxygen sensors plus two high current draw sensors such as an infrared PID or catalytic, and a remote particulate sensor such as the YESDUST.

Key Features:

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Download Yesair Seven Channel Download

Yesair Seven Channel on Table Specification:

* Ethernet, Wi-Fi or BACnet® module options will be available later this year.

Yesair Seven Channel on Training-2Yesair Seven Channel on Training-1 Gas Type:


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